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The Ultimate Egg Hunt

The Ultimate Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are the best part of Easter celebrations - outdoor activity, colourful eggs, and chocolate! Follow these easy steps to pull off an epic Easter hunt, whether it's your first time hosting or a small family affair!


Choose the location and set boundaries for the egg hunt, whether it's indoor or outdoor. For a scavenger hunt, plan your route ahead of time.

Bunny window stickers  Easter  Yard Decorating kit

Set The Scene

Decorate your area with our Easter Egg Hunt Yard Decorating kit, Bunny window stickers, Easter themed balloons, buntings, baby chicks and more!

Plastic eggsSparkly plastic eggsChick eggs

Prepare Your Eggs

Choose from our our range of fillable plastic eggs that you can stuff with yummy chocolate treats or non-chocolate items such as laser finger lights,
stamps, lollies, bouncy balls, rings, erasers, money, or cute Easter chicks. Don't forget to include your scavenger hunt clues if you're having one! Take it up a notch by adding notes for bigger prizes or giving tips on how to find or win a bigger egg. These fillable plastic eggs are not only an excellent alternative to chocolate eggs but also a fun way to add some variety to your egg hunt!

Ginger Ray bunny bagsPlush Chick bag

Egg Collecting Bags

Your egg hunting guests will need a cute and convenient way to store their eggs while they hunt. Browse our selection of egg-cellent bags and boxes to find the perfect fit!

Let the fun begin!

Ready, set, hunt!

Egg Trophies

Winners (& losers)

Celebrate the winners and losers of your Easter egg hunt with a fun trophy! (easily made by gluing one of our plastic eggs onto our mini trophies). Write phrases like "Most Eggs," "Fewest Eggs," "Good Egg," and "Eggcellent" on the eggs to award the kids for their egg-hunting efforts.

With these tips and ideas in mind, you're sure to have an Easter egg hunt that everyone will remember for years to come. Happy hunting! For more fun Easter ideas check out our blog on creating the ultimate Easter here!



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