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Spiderman Party Game - Spiderweb

Spiderman Party Game - Spiderweb

Get Caught in a Web of Fun! Transform your space into a thrilling Spider-Man spiderweb challenge. Watch as your little heroes dodge and navigate through the web to reach the other side. This epic party game is bound to be a swinging success!

You will need:

Red, Blue and/or Black Streamers or String
Spiderweb Decorations
Plastic Spiders


  1. Choose a suitable location for the game, either outdoors with posts and trees or a room away from the main party area.
  2. If playing outdoors, tie red, blue and/or black streamers across a couple of posts, around trees, and furniture, creating a web-like pattern. If playing
  3. indoors, weave the streamers in a crisscross pattern throughout the room.
  4. Make it extra fun by adding spiderweb decorations and plastic spiders to give a real spiderweb feel

Optional: Place little treats throughout the web or on the other side for them to collect. Time each participant & gift the fastest web-slinger a Spiderman themed prize!

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