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Organising An Easy Easter Party

Organising An Easy Easter Party

With Easter coming up, it's hard not to get in the mood for chocolate and hot cross buns. With Easter comes themed food, cute Easter decorations, and party games galore! What's there not to love about this holiday? But planning a party can be tricky, so here are some pointers for how to organise an easy Easter party.

Easy Easter Party Food:

We often buy our hot cross buns and chocolate eggs from the supermarket, but sometimes it's nice to be able to make something with your own two hands. Easter is the perfect opportunity to do this! Here are some simple Easter recipes for you to make:

Easy Easter FoodEaster food

Easy Easter Games and Activities:

It's not Easter without chocolate, but neither is it Easter without games and activities! Here are some easy Easter games and activities for you to enjoy:

  • Easter Egg Hunt - Hide chocolate eggs and set the kids off to find them with Easter themed treat bags to collect their trail of eggs. An Easter classic!
    Tip: Add some hollow eggs with other Easter treats inside like Easter Chicks.
  • Easter Scavenger Hunt - Hand out a list of scavenger hunt clues. Each clue asking guests to find or do something.
    Tip: Add a riddle or two for extra fun and reward them with a prize at the end.
  • Pass the Parcel - Pass a wrapped parcel around a circle, each child unwrapping a single layer. Whoever unwraps the last layer claims the prize.
    Tip: add a treat at each layer for extra fun.
  • Easter Craft - Create little stations for kids to paint some eggs or colour some images of Easter bunny. They are a great way to keep kids busy as they check in and out of games or as icebreakers.

Easter Party Decorations:

If you'd like to add some flair to your Easter party, why not some decorations? Banners and balloons are perfect for brightening up the party, and you can serve up your snacks using Easter-themed tableware!

Easter Party Treat Bags:

Whether they're for treasure hunts or simply amusement, treat bags are a must-have for any party. Fill them with toys and chocolate, or use them for your Easter egg hunt, be sure to have them for your Easter party! 


For Easter Baking ideas and treats, see our Easter Collection.

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