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Blind Man's Bluff

Blind Man's Bluff

Blind Man's Bluff is a simple and fun party game perfect for birthday parties and other such events. It might remind you of Marco Polo, and for good reason. You will need a blindfold for this game, but beyond that, it's super easy to learn!

How To Play:

1) Choose a player to be 'it'. Give that player a blindfold, and make sure they can't see at all. No peeking! The other players scatter around the room. A smaller space would be best, as a larger space would put the 'it' player at a disadvantage, and it will become frustrating to play.

2) The 'it' players goal is to chase the other players and catch them. Once they catch someone, they must guess who it is that they caught. If the 'it' player cannot guess who they have captured, the prisoner is released and the game resumes. If the prisoner’s identity is guessed, the prisoner becomes the blind man.

3) Remember to stay quiet! You don't want the 'it' player to guess who was caught, even through process of elimination.


Blind Man's Bluff is a very straightforward party game. Endless fun can be had from this game, but you know what would make it better? House rules, of course!

If the 'it' player is having trouble guessing, someone from outside the game may provide a hint. Or, if no one is available, all players make a soft noise that may help them guess. If the same person is 'it' for so long, it can make the game drag.

Name a goal. Perhaps the blind man must find a certain person, and if they catch the wrong person, they're out. 

Or maybe instead of working together, have a free-for-all. Every man for themselves! Sabotaging people's efforts to stay quiet can lead to great fun and entertainment.

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