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The Ball of Wool

The Ball of Wool

Looking for a simple party game to entertain with? The Ball of Wool is an easy party game, perfect for young children. You might like to bring this out at birthday parties, or sleepovers. And you only need one thing to play!

How To Play:

All you need is a length of wool rolled into a ball. Here's how to play:

1) Sit around a table, evenly spaced between all players. Make sure the tablecloth is removed, otherwise this won't work! 

2) Place the ball of wool in the centre of the table. At a signal, the players' goal is to try to blow the wool away from their side with their lungs. Almost like blowing up a balloon!

3) If the wool falls off the table to the right side of a player, that player pays a forfeit. It's almost like a game of soccer!


Once you know the basic rules, it's time to start changing things! It's up to you if you want to tweak the rules a bit, but here are some suggestions.

The first, of course, is how the game ends. When the ball of wool falls off the table to the right of a player, perhaps that player is eliminated, and the game ends when there's only one player left? Or maybe they simply have to do a funny dance, or give mum and dad a kiss on the cheek. How this party game is up to you!

An older variation of this game is called Blowing the Feather, in which players had to keep a feather afloat in the air by blowing at it.

In a similar vein, you could replace the wool with a feather, or a piece of paper, or a small rubber ball. Changing the object could change the difficulty, and would definitely keep children entertained if you use this game often.

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