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Harry Potter Ultimate Movie Quiz


Amaze your friends and family with your Harry Potter movie knowledge with this amazing quiz game! Wizards, witches and muggles alike play to prove they know every film start to finish, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. For example, who said, "Even in the wizarding world hearing voices isn't a good sign"? and what colour is Tonks' hair when we first meet her? 

Ideal for all Potterheads, each of the 1600 question cards displays the answer along with a short explanation about that particular topic. The spinner is placed in the centre of the table once players decide which of the 4 houses they will be representing, and the youngest player spins first. The player to their left takes a card from whichever movie the spinner lands on, and asks the player the question corresponding to their house. Answered correctly, the card is placed face down in front of them. Answered incorrectly, the card is placed back into the pack and the game moves onto the next player. The game finishes once a player has collected a full set of 8 movie cards.

An amazing gift for any Harry Potter fan, or fantastic game prize for a Harry Potter party as the game comes in a beautiful box for all of the pieces to be stored in.

Size: Box measures 24cm x 31cm x 6cm
Each set sold individually