Butterfly Party in a Box

Butterfly Party in a Box


Transform into beautiful butterflies with hand painted butterfly wings and antenna headbands. Emerge from the cocoon wrap and chase butterflies.


  • 10 beautiful butterfly wings and antennas
  • 2hours of games or activities and associated equipment
  • CD
  • Storybook
  • Decorations

Suitable for 10 children aged 4 to 8.

Please contact us via to confirmation of availability of this box for your party date, otherwise we will advise upon receipt of payment.


Should you make payment before confirmation and for some reason it is not available, we will find another suitable date or credit you in full.


When hiring this item a $100 refundable bond is required. This will be refunded on return as per the agreed terms and condtions. A signed hirage agreement is also required before delivery of this item.


This item will be delivered free of charge to your door.