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Party Activities

Party Activities

Planning the perfect party involves more than just delicious food and great company; it's all about creating memorable moments and a sense of excitement that lingers long after the event is over. If you're looking to host a party that's brimming with fun and creativity, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll explore a world of exciting party activities that will keep your guests entertained and engaged from start to finish.

Painted Cookies

Get creative in the kitchen with our vibrant Edible Paint Palette! Perfectly paired with our blog on sugar cookies. Hand them out to your guests for a fun "Paint Your Own Cookie" activity! Prebake some delicious sugar cookies, cut them out into fun themed shapes.

  1. Set each person up with a cookie, a paint palette, a paintbrush and some water
  2. Simply activate with water and watch their artistic flair ignite!

Optional: add a touch of magic with sprinkles and edible glitter to bring your cookies to life!

Craft Station

Set up a craft station with supplies for creating a masterpiece. Guests could make personalised party favours or decorations. 

Begin by curating a collection of craft supplies tailored to your party's theme or purpose, such as personalised party favours or decorations. For a kids' birthday party, this might include colorful beads, strings, and whimsical charms for creating custom bracelets or necklaces. If you're planning a bridal shower, elegant papers, ribbons, and decorative elements can be set out for crafting beautiful handmade cards or favour boxes. Fairytale or princess themed party guests may enjoy crafting their own crowns or wands, for detailed instructions be sure to visit our blog.

crafting station

Board Games and Cards

Have a selection of games available for guests to play. This works well for casual gatherings and family reunions, providing hours of friendly fun and competition! Take a look at our range of board games!


Choose a theme for your party and have everyone come dressed accordingly. Costume parties are a hit for Halloween or themed birthdays. Alternatively, you can create a dress-up station that's fully equipped with a mirror and a captivating array of costumes and additional props, including hats, wigs, glasses, headbands, and more! Take a look at our range of costumes, and be sure to check out our blog on "Creative Dress-up Ideas for Kids Parties" for inspiration.

dress ups

From the artistic joy of cookie painting to the imaginative possibilities of a craft station, the thrilling competition of games, and the transformative fun of dress-ups, these activities are the building blocks of unforgettable moments and cherished memories. If you're hungry for more party inspiration, don't forget to head over to our blog on "A Guide to Exciting Party Games" for a whole new world of exciting ideas.

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