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How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Party: Tips for Sustainable Celebrations

How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Party: Tips for Sustainable Celebrations

Are you ready to throw the party of the year while being kind to the planet? Party sustainably with our eco-friendly supplies that let you celebrate in style while protecting the environment. 

Ginger Ray

Ginger Ray, one of our major suppliers, is committed to creating eco-friendly products by eliminating foiling and plastic packaging from their products and opting for water-based finishes that are easily recyclable. Their durable, reusable items ensure that your celebrations are not only stylish but also eco-conscious. From weddings and baby showers, to kids' parties and everything in between, Ginger Ray offers eco-friendly options for every occasion.


Five Star Party Co

Five Star Party Co's plates, cups, and napkins are printed with innovative water-based ink that contains no toxic and harmful ingredients, depleting the need for PV lining. This makes their products 100% paper, recyclable, and more sustainable for the Earth.

Party Supplies

Balloons: What's a party without balloons? But instead of contributing to plastic pollution, opt for our latex balloons sourced from natural rubber tree sap. These balloons are 100% biodegradable, meaning you can pop them in the compost after the celebrations are over.

Tableware: Pair your chosen eco plates and napkins with our wooden cutlery, serveware, cups, and cake toppers for a fully sustainable party experience.

Hire: Our range of hire options allows you to access everything you need for a memorable party without the environmental impact. From cake tins to backdrops, Neon signs, and games, we have everything you need to host an eco-conscious celebration. 

Other Ways to Party Sustainably

Eco-Conscious Invitations: Embrace digital invitations through platforms like Paperless Post to reduce paper waste. Alternatively, create a WhatsApp group for quick communication or send personalised voice notes for a unique touch. By going digital, you not only save trees but also add a modern flair to your party planning.

Green Menu Options: Consider incorporating plant-based items into your menu to cater to vegetarian/vegan guests. Choose locally sourced ingredients to reduce carbon footprint, and donate leftover food to local shelters to minimise food waste. Compost any produce waste to further reduce your party's landfill contribution. 

Sustainable Party Favours: Delight your guests with eco-friendly party favours that leave a lasting impression. Opt for edible treats in compostable packaging or gift plants/seeds for a lasting memento.

Share and Reuse: After the party, don't let the fun end—share and reuse party supplies and decorations. Offer leftover or used items to friends, schools, community centers, or nursing homes. By extending the life of party supplies, you reduce waste and promote a culture of sustainability within your community.

    Ready to host your own eco-friendly celebration? Explore our range of eco-friendly party supplies today and start planning your planet-friendly party. Shop now to celebrate without costing the Earth!

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