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Dinosaur Party Games

Dinosaur Party Games

With a little creativity, there are plenty of ideas for Dinosaur Party games. Here's a few of our favourite games to ensure the party guests have loads of fun!

Dinosaur Bone Hunt or Dig:

Everyone loves the good old treasure hunt. I hid plastic dinosaur bones around the backyard and sent them out to find them. If the weather is bad then it can be moved inside. My tip is to put a special marking on one of the bones as the major prize and the rest get dinosaur sticker or dinosaur tattoo or a dinosaur bone lolly.

A variation on this game is to bury bones in a sand pit or section of the garden. Prepare for a little mess but a lot of fun!

Pin the Dinosaur Bone Game:

Dinosaur party game

A twist on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game, where you pin the bone on the dinosaur. You can make your own game or save your time and purchase the premade Dinosaur party game.

Dinosaur Pass the Parcel:

Pass the parcel is a traditional game played at even my grandparents parties (well when they were a child). I have found it popular at teenage parties as well as with younger children. Find a small prize relating to Dinosaurs (not too big or expensive), then as you wrap each layer add the sticker, tattoo or even a dinosaur figurine on each layer. Wrap more layers than children in case you have extra guests.

When the children pass the parcel around the circle and the music stops, the person holding the parcel will unwrap one layer and be rewarded. As you control when the music stops (take a sneaky peek to ensure that everyone gets to open a layer), then the last one gets the prize.

Dinosaur Pinata:

Dinosaur pinata

Kids and adults love to hit the pinata to get to the rewards inside. Most often lollies are added, but I recommend adding stickers and bouncy balls. The lollies fall to the ground the balls bounce and the stickers or tattoos flitter down, adding extra fun to a popular game.

See our Dinosaur Party with Flair blog for more dinosaur party ideas,

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