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Balloon Decorating Ideas Without Helium

Balloon Decorating Ideas Without Helium

Don't let the absence of helium deflate your party spirit! There are fantastic balloon decorating ideas that don't rely on helium and can be just as visually stunning. Plus, with these ideas, you can inflate your balloons in advance, saving you time on the big day. Let's dive into our top helium-free balloon decorating ideas that will elevate your event.

Balloon Wall

1. Balloon Wall:

Fashion a delightful balloon wall for your party. Secure balloons to the wall using blu tack, double sided tape, or removable adhesive strips. Experiment with colours to match your theme, using latex balloons or plain foil balloon shapes.

Fill the floor

2. Fill The Floor:

An easy and playful option is to fill balloons and let them float around on the floor. It's perfect for entertaining kids who will have a blast running through the balloons. Just be cautious with younger children and popping balloons.

Rooftop Centrepiece

3. Rooftop Centrepiece:

Achieve a magical big top look by hanging a cluster of balloons in the center of the ceiling and draping plastic tablecloths or streamers outwards to the sides of the room.

Balloon Garland

4. Balloon Garland:

Join the popular decorating trend with balloon garlands. Inflate balloons of various colors and sizes, then tie them onto nylon or string to create a stunning balloon decoration. Balloon garland strips or garland kits make the process easy and come in various colour options. Our balloon specialists can design, make and install the balloon garland of your dreams for our Wellington customers!

Balloon Heart Shape

5. Make A Shape or Number:

Personalise your decor by crafting a shape or number using balloons. Whether it is a heart for Valentines Day or a "21" for a birthday, create the perfect design to compliment your special day.

Balloon Bunches

6. Balloon Bunches:

Tie bunches of balloons together using curling ribbon and hang them on door and window frames, and stairs, or use them as table centrepieces and more.

Balloon Sticks

7. Balloon Sticks:

For a quick "floating" effect without helium, use balloon sticks. Place them in tall vases for colorful table centrepieces and hand them out to guests as party favours.

Balloon Drop

8. Balloon Drop:

Create excitement with a balloon drop using tulle or a plastic tablecloth. Fill the net with balloons and confetti for an extra festive touch. Count down to the big moment and watch the balloons cascade in celebration.

Attach to ceiling

9. Hang Them from the Ceiling:

Enhance your venue with this enchanting balloon decoration idea that doesn't rely on helium. Drawing attention to your efforts, you can affix balloons to the ceiling using double-sided tape or attach them to tree branches and roof edges for an outdoor setting.

Decor Tips:

  • Create a mesmerizing garland by gathering balloons in lines and combining them on the ceiling in the center of the room.
  • Add a focal point with a huge balloon flower or pre-made design elements like inflatable foil stars.
  • Experiment with creating beautiful ceiling decor using separate latex balloons, allowing them to hang at different heights.

10. Make Flowers:

Craft beautiful bouquets and individual flowers without helium using twisting balloons or simple latex balloons. These floral arrangements can be perfect for wall decorations or hanging from the ceiling.

DIY Flower Instructions:

  • For a flower, gather at least 6 latex balloons – one for the centre and several for the petals.
  • Place one balloon in the middle and fix five on the edges to create petals.
  • Fasten the threads, twist them to secure the flower, and fix these floral compositions on walls.
LED balloon

    11. Glowing Inflatables:

    Create a magical ambiance at your evening party with glowing balloons. This helium-free idea uses LEDs for a captivating effect. Place a glowing LED into a balloon and inflate with air. 

    Balloon Bunting

    12. Balloon Bunting:

    Simply tie or use a needle to thread balloons onto a piece of string then hang it above your party or entertaining space!

    No helium? No problem! These helium-free balloon decorating ideas provide a diverse range of options to suit different occasions. From floor-filled fun to crafting surprise-filled balloons, these ideas will add a touch of magic to any event. Let your creativity soar without helium constraints! Shop our range of balloons here to get started!

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