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Popular Outdoor Party Games

Popular Outdoor Party Games

Try these fun and easy outdoor party games. Let us know how they go! 

Back to Back Race

Divide the children into pairs and have them stand back-to-back, locking their arms at the elbows. The pair must run, as best they can, from one line to another, face the other way and run back again. The first pair who get back to the starting line wins.


Drop the Handkerchief

Have the children form a well-spaced circle facing inwards. Whoever opts to be ‘it’ run around outside the circle with a handkerchief. At any stage she can drop the handkerchief behind one of the players in the circle. Immediately the player discovering the handkerchief must pick up the handkerchief and chase the ‘it’ around the circle. If ‘it’ beats the child back to the vacated space, she joins the circle. The child outside the circle takes a turn dropping the handkerchief.


Freeze Tag

The birthday child can be selected to be it (the person who has to tag other people) first. The tagger tries to tag all the other children. If a player is tagged, he or she must freeze. Players who are not frozen can "unfreeze" frozen players by touching them. The first player to be frozen three times becomes it (the tagger) next.


Shopping List

Each team will have 2 team members a boy and girl is best but not necessary to have fun. One member of the team (girls) should form a line and stand facing their team members (boys) who are on a line 25 feet away.

One group is given a shopping list (girls) of 10 items with various amounts for items listed. The team mates boys are given pen and paper to write down the list.

This list should content about 10 items. (Example : 1 bottle of milk, 2 packets of gelatine, 4 bars of chocolate, 4 kilograms of sugar, etc.) The lists should be different to each other to avoid copying from another person.

At "go" girls read out the list they have to their partners and the partners should take down the lists according to the correct order they read. The first team that thinks they have completed the list raises their hand and everyone is asked to be silent. As the list is checked, if the list is a match they win and if it is not then that team is out of the game and the game continues until someone has correctly completed the shopping list.

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