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101 uses for cookie cutters

101 uses for cookie cutters

I can't believe there are so many uses for a cookie cutter. Here's loads of ideas for parties, christmas and other special occasions. Not to forget the fun craft ideas! Take a look at some of these gift ideas, my favourite is the crayon shapes. They are perfect for party bag fillers or as a gift. It's both cost effective and reduces waste.

Making cookies

Adding shaped cookies relating to the themed party is fun and adds that special touch. You can even top the cookies with edible icons or images for the special touch, e.g. Peppa pig cookies.

making cookies

Fairy bread shapes

Fairy bread is one of the most popular foods at kids parties. See our fairy bread blog for recipes and ideas.

fairy bread with cookie cutters

Making shaped pancakes

Imagine heart shaped pancakes for an anniversary breakfast  or Valentines day!

pancake cookie cutter 

Cookie cutter Brownies

These are a cute gift idea wrapped in cellphane bags. Great for Christmas thank yous!

Brownies cookie cutter 

Christmas tree ornaments

As simple as hanging them from the tree or decorating them with photos or kids artwork. You can also make them with fondant too.

 Xmas tree cookie cutter

Design your pie

How cool are these little airplanes in this pie. Sometimes the details go along way. This pie was created by one of our customers. We specially ordered the mini plane cutter in for her. Thanks for the fabulous picture!

 Airplane pie

Napkin holders

A novel idea to add the Christmas them to your dinner table.

Napkin ring cookie cutter

Kids shaped sandwiches

No more boring old kids lunches! Try dinosaur marmite sandwiches or cute jam hearts. Kids love having fun with food.

shaped sanwiches

Make a fruit Xmas tree

One of my Xmas projects that went down a treat. So simple with the star cutters.

 Fruit Xmas Tree

Make soap shapes

A great gift idea or a special treat! 

Heart soap 

Make candles

You can even make floating ones! Perfect gift for someone who has everything!

Cookie cutter candle

Make a wreath

Trying making this inviting decoration for your door at Christmas.

Cookie cutters

Make a potato printer

I remember using potato printers as a kid, but they can be a creative way for adults too. Try making some personalised wrapping paper with them.

potato cutter

Use as Stencils

Let your creativity go wild! I'm thinking about creative art on the kids wall. Think about dinosaurs is all sorts of bright colours, with that personal touch.

Stencil cookie cutter painting

Make a bird feeder

We have lots of native birds in our area and I enjoy their calls. Make one of these bird feeders and attract birds to your place.

bird feeder

Make clay gift tags

What a great way to personlise gifts with a clay tag made with a cookie cutter.

 Clay gift tag

Trace for felt ornaments

Toast shapes

Add the special touch to breakfast in bed with toast shapes.

cookie cutter toast

Egg in toast

Say I love you with a heart shaped egg in the toast you serve.

egg in toast

Shaped fruit salad or kebabs

One of the popular foods at the party. Use seasonal fruit and the kids and adults will love them.

fruit kebab

Make cake toppers

Roll out some fondant, cut your favourite shape, then a kebab stick up the base to support it on your cake. Perfect when you just can't find the right topper. I've seen princess shoes, tiaras, mickey mouse and all sorts.

Cake topper made with cookie cutter 

Make cookie garland

These go down a treat at Xmas time, but why not create a happy birthday one personalised with their name. We have alphabet and number cookie cutters that are perfect for the job.

Cookie garland

Make crayon shapes

Don't throw out those broken crayons, we have the perfect use for them. Break them into small pieces, place them in a cookie cutter in a oven proof container. Place in the voen and leave until melted. Cool before moving them. Ideal for homemade party bag fillers, while reducing waste. You can also use your silicone moulds to make these.

crayons made with cookie cutter

Cut potato shapes for roasting

Add a bit of fun for your xmas potatoes. Cut them into shapes with your cookie cutters.

Roasted potato shapes

Make rice bubble treats

Cutting your rice bubble treats into shapes with your cookies cutters, adds a little more interest to the party for your choosen them. Perfect for school lunches too!

mickey mouse cookie cutter

Gift them with cookie mix in a bag

Kids love to bake, so why not gift cookie mix with cookies cutters ready to go. I thoughful gift idea that's relatively inexpensive.

Cookie Mix

Make cake shapes

Cut some heart shapes out of your cake then drizzled with chocolate. A perfect dessert offering or treat for someone special. Another option are these Xmas tree brownies!

Xmas tree brownies

Make cupcake toppers

Just roll out your fondant, cut them and leave them to dry. They can be made ahead of time too, to take the pressure off on party day!

Cupcake topper

Make fruit fairy wands

Every fairy party loves fruit fairy wands. Simple and effective.

 Fruit fairy wands

Make mini shaped pizzas

Another great idea to them your kids birthday party or christmas nibbles.

Cookie cutter pizza

Make dog biscuits

We've sold a fair few bone cookie cutters for those homemade doggie treats!

Dog biscuit cookie cutter

Make Cookie Cutter Garland

How fun is this cookie cutter garland!

Cookie Cutter Garland

Make mini cheesecakes

Yum! A great way to make a cute dessert when you've got alot of guests. 

 Cheesecake cookie cutter

I've made it to about 30+ and that's just the beginning! So please let us know your favourite uses and we will add them to the list! Contact us at Build a Birthday and see our full range off cookie cutters online.






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