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Trains Chocolate Mould #214


A train lovers delight.... a Trains Chocolate Mould. Otherwise known by the train experts as a locomotive and a tender. Large train &  wagon / tender can be made hollow or solid and joined together. Excite a child, or a Dad with chocolate trains. Decorate a cake, cupcakes!

Large Train

Length: 60mm

Width: 112mm

Depth: 15mm

Approx Weight: 50gm  if joined as solid train -100gm


Small Train

Length: 40mm

Width: 70mm

Depth: 10mm

Approx Weight: 15gm


Tender / Wagon

Length: 40mm

Width: 65mm

Depth: 12mm

Approx Weight: 15gm

Overall Mould: Length 250mm x 204mm Width

Sold individually