Balloon Care

Extend the life of your balloons:

  • Balloons last longer longer at room temperature, avoid sudden or continuous temperature changes
  • Keep your balloons away from heat, eg. heaters, fire places, hot cars etc
  • Avoid friction, over handling and sharp objects!
  • Take care in windy conditions - use a transport bag, or hold onto the balloon itself (not the string)
  • Remove your balloons from the transport bag or box ASAP

Balloon Disposal & Environment:

Once the fun is over, pin it and bin it! All of our latex balloons are biodegradable - put them in the compost.

We are proud members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. While our latex balloons are biodegradable, we want to reduce the impact on the environment and much as we can and thus do not support or facilitate balloon releases. Have a chat to our qualified balloon artists about creative ways of celebrating without affecting our beautiful planet.