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Step by Step Guide: Under The Sea Cake

Step by Step Guide: Under The Sea Cake

Dive into a world of sweetness with an enchanting Under the Sea cake. Explore a whimsical ocean realm filled with sea creatures, vibrant corals, and shimmering waves. Let your imagination swim free and indulge in an underwater adventure of flavour and creativity. Perfect for any ocean lover's celebration!

Ingredients and Materials:


  1. Prepare and frost your cake: Separate your buttercream evenly into 4 bowls, colour each bowl with one of the 4 colours from your mermaid icing colour set, then gently mix in one single bowl without fully combining. Cut a piece of baking paper slightly larger than the size of the cake. Spread the marbled buttercream onto the baking paper, covering it completely and smoothing out slightly. Wrap the baking paper around the cake and smooth out.

  2. Colour fondant: Using the shades from the mermaid palette colour the fondant and the chocolate if using. 

  3. Create seaweed and coral: Take small amounts of colored fondant and roll them into thin strips. Use the fondant modelling tool set to create wavy shapes and marks to give them a curvy, seaweed-like appearance. Vary the lengths and thicknesses for a natural look. Roll balls of fondant and use the dotting tool to create textured coral formations.

  4. Make seashells and sea life: Either use fondant or chocolate candy melts to create moulded seashells and sea life. If using fondant, dust your mould with a little powdered sugar then roll balls in your desired fondant colour before pressing into the mould. If using chocolate candy melts, melt your chocolate, rub the mould with cotton wool and pour the candy melts in. To create a marbled effect pour two colours and swirl slightly. 

  5. Arrange the decorations: Place the seaweed, coral, seashells and sea life onto the cake. Let your creativity guide you, placing them along the sides or on top of the cake to create a realistic sea-inspired design.

  6. Sprinkle bubbles: Gently press sprinkles onto the buttercream surface to create the effect of bubbles floating in the sea.

  7. Finishing touches: To add a shimmering touch, lightly dust areas with lustre dust for a pearl-like finish. Alternatively, you can use edible paint to add colour and detail to the decorations.

Serve it proudly and enjoy! No two Under the Sea cakes will be the same, but that is what is so magical about them. For a more detailed guide on how to colour buttercream and create edible paint check out our blog here

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