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How to Make 3D Flower Cupcakes

How to Make 3D Flower Cupcakes

Elevate your cupcakes from simple treats to stunning edible art with these 3D flower cupcakes. Creating them is a breeze, and the result is sure to impress your guests!

Tools & Ingredients:


  1. Prepare your flowers two days in advance to ensure they have enough time to dry in shape. Begin by tinting portions of the gum paste. Around 10g of yellow per 60g each of the other colours.
  2. Roll out each colour of the gum paste, excluding the yellow to a thickness of 1.5mm.
  3. Choose a large flower cutter a similar size to that of the cupcake surface, along with the smallest one. Cut 2 large and 1 small flower out of each colour fondant to create one flower.
  4. Attach together at the centre using the clear piping gel to create a layered flower. Roll a small ball of the yellow paste and attach to the middle.
  5. Place each flower in a cupcake paper dusted with cornflour, ensure the case supports the flower in a curved shape as this is how it will dry. Leave for 48 hours.
  6. Next, decorate the flower centers by attaching sugar pearls using a brush and piping gel. Allow the centers to dry for 1 to 2 hours.
  7. Bake and cool cupcakes, then ice with buttercream icing before positioning a flower on each cupcake.

Whether it's a special day or you just want something nice, these cupcakes are a colourful treat for your taste buds and eyes. So, enjoy these unique cupcakes that bring flavour and beauty together! To create a tasty cupcake to go with these check out our blog for a deliciously easy vanilla cupcake here!

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