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Holiday Party Ideas for Easter

Holiday Party Ideas for Easter


Easter is a lovely time of year. It is a time to celebrate new life and new beginnings! It is a time to appreciate and share with our families and friends.
Many of you will have little traditions that you do with your family.  Decorating Easter eggs and  Easter egg hunts. In our house the 'Easter Bunny' likes to visit overnight and leave a basket of goodies at the foot of our children's beds. I love to see their faces in the morning!

Easter Decorating

Whether you are having a little get together/party this year, or you just like to decorate your house or a window for fun, there are lots of options available to you.  From home craft with the littlies, with coloured card to create eggs, bunnies, lambs, chicks etc, painting eggs to display etc.  I particularly like decorated card eggs hanging down from twirls of either ribbon, card, or crepe, to store bought goodies to hang around your home, garden or table to make things look really beautiful.  
For home craft you will need a good selection of colours of either felt pens, paints or dyes,  coloured card and coloured tissue is always very useful, also some feathers if you want to create little chicks etc, from card or balloons. For shop bought, well you have come to the right place! We have a wide selection of tissue fans that look beautiful when hung in clusters and pom poms especially gorgeous when you mix the colours. Your colour range is generally the pastels, soft baby pinks, blues, white and yellows, with splashes of either dark purple, hot pink, or even lime green. 

Easter Tableware

This is totally up to you, whether you bring out the vintage bone china and white linen tablecloth, or floral or gingham tablecloth, with maybe some Easter napkins and beautiful flower settings on the table. Or to go full out for Easter with Easter themed plates cups and napkins, little chenille chicks dotted around the table or little bunnies popping out of the centrepiece. You could create your own centrepiece too, maybe a giant Easter bunny or chicken, with a hole in the centre to hold onto chocolate eggs?
Here below are some of the lovely table settings available through Build a Birthday. 

 Easter Food

If you are having a little party then food choices might include a delicious cake or some cupcakes decorated with an Easter theme, some bunny or Easter egg cookies, mini sausage rolls, little egg sandwiches or stuffed eggs. Or perhaps Rice Krispie nests with little eggs in the middle, sugared almonds, fairy bread in bunny, chick, egg or butterfly shapes,  little fruit cups, mousses and meringue nests? Bunny shaped cake pops? Served with pastel coloured drinks, milks or coloured lemonades in mini milk bottles with striped straws - perfect!
Cases for your delicious cupcakes, a stand to put them on, or a cake board/stand can be found on our website under cake and cupcake stands, and we also have some very lovely cupcake cases and toppers online. 

Easter Games, Prizes and fun things to do! 

Well of course there is the Easter egg hunt, where your littlies go off in search of eggs around their garden, carrying their little baskets. As well as the traditional wee eggs we usually use, you could also use some plastic eggs containing little treasures, like little gemstone rings, little bracelets, little chenille chicks, badges etc - anything that will fit (you can use your imagination here). Blow and decorate eggs together, or dip dye them, put lots of plastic down and apron everyone up for this one!  Create your own balloon chicks or bunnies, just blow up a balloon and decorate. Have a little table set up with feathers, beaks, eyes, wings, and some sparkly things. You can also do the same with cardboard cut-outs. Make your own Easter bingo/matching game, very good for little ones cognitive development,  as are Easter word searches, crosswords etc. We have also stocked Easter egg shrink wrap! Just pop the egg into the shrink wrap and pop into boiling water.. all done! Egg and spoon races across the garden?
Whatever you decide to do have a wonderful and Very Happy Easter, from All of Us at Build a Birthday!
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