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Reverend Crawley’s Game

Reverend Crawley’s Game

Reverend Crawley’s Game is a super easy game some might recognise. This simple party game provides endless fun and certainly helps with team-building and communication. Play at any event for instant fun.

How To Play:

1) This game works best with more than seven players. The more the merrier, after all! However, this game is still playable with less than seven players. It makes things a little easier, but don't let that discourage you.

2) All players stand in a circle and hold hands with people opposite you. You can't hold hands with the people standing next to you, or hold both hands with the same person. 

3) The players must now attempt to untangle the human knot without letting go of each other's hands. This typically involves a lot of weaving, stepping over and under other players, much like a game of Twister.


There aren't that many variations or adaptions of this game, as the rules are pretty well-known and universal. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with it.

Ramp up the difficulty by trying different house rules, such as only being allowed to step over instead of under or through, or trying to untangle without talking. Maybe even hit the lights and try to figure out this human puzzle in the dark? It's entirely up to you!

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