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Rolkem Gel Lumo Paint - Lunar Yellow 15ml


This stunning Rolkem Paint is perfect for adding those fine finishing touch details to cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Use in fondant, ganache, chocolate and buttercream.

Rolkem Gel Concentrate Paint (15ml) Rolkem's range of edible gel colours use a unique gelling agent that means the colour does not fade, and the colour remains consistent until the last drop.  Rolkem's Concentrated Gels can be used both as a coolourant or a paint, with the greatest of ease. The colours dry in exactly the same hue or tone in which they are applied. The Concentrated Gels do not contain any azzudyes or artificila colourants.  Gel stays suspended, which means you don't have to shake them before use Colours don't fade, even if left in direct sunlight No after taste Contains no sugar, glycerine

Size: 15ml
Sold Individually