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Heart Variety Chocolate Mould #84


This heart variety chocolate mould has 3 sizes of heart shapes, excellent hearts for Valentines Day, wedding favours wedding table decorations. If using the heart variety chocolate mould to make your own wedding flavours you could foil wrap to compliment the wedding colours.

Arrow Heart

Width: 35mm

Length: 32mm

Depth: 11mm

Approx Weight: 8gm



Medium Heart

Width: 45mm

Length: 42mm

Depth: 10mm

Approx Weight: 20gm

Foil to wrap: One packet of our foil wraps 90 of these heart.


Large Heart

Length: 65mm

Width: 52mm

Depth: 10mm deep

Approx Weight: 25gm

Foil to wrap: One packet of our foil wraps 60 of these hearts.

Overall Mould: Length 250mm x 204mm Width

Sold individually