Party now and pay later! For orders between $50 and $800, Zip allows you to pay just 25% of your purchase upfront (and receive your goods immediately), and then pay the rest off in fortnightly installments. All at no extra cost to you!

How do I use it?

When checking out online, simply select the Zip payment option. You will be transferred through to Zip's secure payment facility.
It can also be used in store. Create a Zip account at or via the Zip mobile app. In the customer portal, navigate to 'In-Store' and create an in store code. Present this to our friendly staff member at checkout to process the purchase.

Are there really no extra fees?

As long as you pay your scheduled installments on time, you will not pay any extra on top of the purchase price. However, if you do miss a payment an $8 default fee is added to your account, with a further $8 applied for every week the payment is unpaid.

Can I make a manual/early repayment?

Absolutely! Just log in to your Zip account, navigate to the 'Payments' section and you will see a 'Pay Now' button where you can make a payment to your account.

Will I get reminders about my payments?

Yes, the day before each payment is charged to your account you will receive a reminder text and email from Zip. 

I have been issued a refund, why can't I see the money in my account yet?

This can sometimes take a few working days, depending on different banks. If it has been more than 5 working days since you have received an email confirmation of the refund and you still haven't received your money, please email

If you have any further questions, they may be answered in Zip's FAQ's.