Build a Birthday is proud to support the Make a Wish Foundation. We are delighted to support the foundation by providing parties for children as a part of their wish.

As we are pretty much contacted on a daily basis by other organisations to support their fundraising endeavours, we have developed some fundraising programs to enable schools, early childhood education providers and other charities the opportunity to raise funds.

Cupcake Paper Program:

Make a good profit with minimal effort by selling leading brand Paper Eskimo's cupcake papers! Perfect as a sideline to a bake sale, and each of your customers receive a 20% voucher for Build a Birthday. Click here for more information.


How it works:

A representative from your fundraising committee emails Build a Birthday to join the fundraising program. They provide the contact details for your organisation and details about what you are fundraising for. Build a Birthday will respond with a code to be used then purchasing from Build a Birthday. This code is provided to all friends and family that support your fundraising efforts. When friends and family purchase from Build a Birthday, they provide the code at the till or include it on the order information online.

Friends and family are also entitled to join the customer loyalty program. They will receive 1 point for every $1 spent in store or on-line, which can be saved up to redeem great rewards. See Customer Loyalty program for more details.

Fundraising organisations will receive a $50 voucher for each $500 spent by friends and family. In addition to receiving vouchers, organisations will go into an annual draw to win raffle prize packs, that fundraising committees can auction or raffle at any time.

How do I join:

Please email your fundraising committee contact details and information about your fundraising efforts to Build a Birthday. We will provide a code for your friends and family to use when purchasing either in-store or online.

Contact us for your fundraising code.

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