Cupcake Paper Fundraising Program

Would you like to fundraise an easy $500+ with minimal effort? At Build a Birthday we have made a bulk purchase of a leading range of Cupcake Papers (Paper Eskimo Brand). As we are often approached for fundraising contributions, we thought we would offer you this great opportunity. It will compliment your "bake sale" fundraisers too!

How does it work?

Number 1 ce28876b 1810 4a42 a74b 5c027048d1f1 Distribute the order form to all your parents, friends and family. Add a note in your newsletters and Facebook Pages explaining what you would like to purchase with the funds raised, e.g. more books for the library and encourage their support.

Number 2 Send a reminder and collect the money.

Number 3 Place your order (click below). Include who you are fundraising for, at the check out comments. You can select pick up or pay for delivery. If you prefer to place a consolidated order, you can order as below or email

How much money will I make?

You sell each packet of Paper Eskimo cupcake papers for $8. This is a cost saving of $1.50 for your parents, friends or families.

The more you sell, the more you make! You can make from $1 to $5 per packet. This can be over $1,000 dollars for minimal effort.


Dollars you earn per packet

Possible fundraising targets

Savings for parents









20 - 99




100 - 499









Added Bonus

Each parent, friend or family member that makes a purchase will also receive a voucher from Build a Birthday giving them 20% off the next item they purchase in store (valid for 1 month). This is another opportunity to save money and if used well they can save more than it cost them to purchase their cupcake papers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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