As we move into COVID-19 Alert Level 2, we're all excited about those small gatherings being allowed to go ahead! Here are our top quick tips for celebrating safely.


1. Invitations

Set parents minds at rest by clarifying your COVID safety precautions in your party invites, eg. physical distancing measures, cleaning surfaces, washing hands, no more than 10 people including family etc. Ensure to keep note of attendees for contact tracing.

2. Games

Try to incorporate games where players take individual turns, such as hitting the pinata or pin the tail on the donkey, making sure to regularly clean shared items.

3. Food

Ensure seating is space out at least 1 metre apart. Instead of shared food platters, pre-fill food boxes for each individual person. We also have amazing sparkler candles if you want to forgo blowing out the candles this year!

4. Parents

Stagger drop off and pick up times. Could this even fit into your party theme? For a spy party, each child being dropped off can be joining the secret mission! Attendees of a Harry Potter party could be sorted into Hogwarts houses before the party and then arrive accordingly.

5. Outside Time

It is much easier to get kids to stay 1 metre apart when outside and running around! This could also be incorporated as a rule in your games.

6. Costumes

Many party themes can have masks incorporated as part of the costume, such as Batman, Avengers, PJ Masks, The Wiggles, animals & more.

7. Clean Up

Thoroughly clean both before and after the party. Think about surfaces that are likely to be shared such as the food table, chairs, game pieces etc.

8. Don't stress!

Remember it's all about celebrating the birthday boy or girl! As long as you are abiding by the Government guidelines you are keeping your friends and family safe.