We've put together a guide to help you celebrate the best lockdown birthday party. Infact, due to the unique circumstances it's likely this will be a party like no other, one that that your kids or grandchildren will always remember!

Our guide consists of five steps which will help make this a special day so that your child doesn't miss out. You'll be able to keep the kids entertained during lockdown while still following the isolation rules and keeping your bubble. So without further ado here is our guide. 

1. Talk to the birthday boy or girl

This step is the most important, It's likely that your birthday boy or girl will feel like it's unfair and be a little disappointed that birthday is during a lockdown. If you haven't done so already, let them know whats going on, explain to them why we are in lockdown and that we are stopping the spread of coronavirus. Reassure them that their birthday is still special and that it is going to be the coolest lockdown party ever! Then explain the rules of the lockdown very clearly, what they can and can not do and then invite them to imagine the best lockdown party ever. Make it fun, allow them to go wild based on the limitations you have set. Once you have an idea of how to make the party special move on to the second most important step, planning. 


 2. Plan ahead

This is the year to be organised and get into online shopping mode! Now that we're entering level 3, online shopping is where you can get birthday presents, decorations, entertainment and anything your party requires.

Allow an extra few business days for courier parcels because it's likely there could be delays and tell your close family to do the same too. During level 3 it may be possible to organise a birthday cake to be delivered to your door or you could bake a home made cake and make it special by using ingredients and decorations from from our collection here. Chances are your kid will appreciate your handy-work and they could even join in!

3. Decorating

Since your kids or grandkid's birthday party is going to be based at home, why not go 100% with the decorations. This is an opportunity to convert your house from a place of lockdown and into a themed space that excites your child. Whether it's their bedroom, the family lounge or a space that you use for video calling all the the friends and family this is the time to go overboard! Decorations can be ordered online and delivered to your door by our team here at Build a Birthday. Balloon decor can also be ordered and delivered to your door check out our range here.


 4. Ideas (creative things to do)

We've put together a list of ideas that can make your child or grandchild's birthday party unforgettable. Either follow any of these ideas or they can help spark your mind for something even more creative. 

  • Present hunt (like an easter egg hunt but with presents)
  • Slip a note into your neighbours letter box and organise for your neighbours to come outside at a set time and sing happy birthday
  • Virtual hangouts with friends and families (use video calling apps such as Zoom or Houseparty)
  • Backyard camping
  • Making an at home theatre with popcorn 
  • Dress up party with friends on video call
  • DIY kits (find some here on at Build a Birthday)


 5. Party bags

We all know how important and exciting party bags are and just because there are online video calls and virtual parties - it doesn't mean party bags are out the door! If you want to go the extra mile, and not only make it a special day for your child, you could also put an extra smile onto your child's friends faces by sending them a party bag online. Imagine how exciting this would make them feel. Furthermore if you like the idea but it seems like a lot of effort, our team of party consultants are FREE and are here to help. Get in touch with us here